About Piano Repair

When you think about your piano, the closest comparison that comes to mind probably isn’t a luxury car or a slick motorcycle. But believe it or not, your piano has far more in common with a top-of-the-line vehicle than you could ever imagine.

A piano is much like a car or any other valuable piece of machinery that you use regularly. They can range in price and the quality of the thousands of internal components vary significantly. Perhaps the biggest similarity between your vehicle and piano is the need to maintain them regularly.

Your piano needs careful inspections and routine maintenance in order to ensure it sounds its best and remains in good stead for years to come. Like a car needs oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections; a piano requires regulation in order for it to play its best. While you might not think of regular maintenance as being just as crucial to the health of your piano as it is to your vehicle, the truth is that your piano needs just as much care and attention. Furthermore, like a luxury vehicle, your piano can bring you years of enjoyment and pride, even becoming a family heirloom throughout generations of pianists and musicians. From top of the line manufacturers like Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer to Yamaha pianos of varying price points, much like luxury vehicles, they all have their own unique manufacturing processes. Here at The Urban Piano Company we have the skills, knowledge and tools to professionally repair them all.

Regular tuning, humidity control, action adjustments, new felts and reshaped hammers are just a few of the repairs that your piano may be in need of. Depending on your expectations for your pianos performance, how old it is, how often it’s played, where you keep it and how well it’s been maintained so far, The Urban Piano Company will discuss all of the options of what we can do for your piano. The drastic changes of our Canadian weather (especially fluctuating humidity levels) can drastically affect the sound and performance of your instrument. Having one of our experienced professionals check out your instrument on a regular basis will help to dramatically improve and maintain the quality of your piano, and ensure that it will continue to be a valuable asset to you for years to come.

While you might think of piano maintenance as being just about tuning, the fact is that there are over 10,000 parts in every working piano – and all of them need to be regularly checked! If your piano is having problems, the solution could be anything from a simple tuning to a more complex repair. That’s not to say that you should wait to hear a problem before you contact us here at The Urban Piano Company. Regular tunings and checkups can help ensure that these problems are caught well before they actually start affecting the sound and overall health of your piano. You can also check out our Blog for great tips and information on maintaining your piano for years to come.

In the end, whether your piano seems perfectly fine or it’s sounding a little out of sorts, it’s still important to call a professional for regular maintenance. The quicker you call us, the faster we’ll be able to identify and solve the problem, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry when thinking about piano repairs. The Urban Piano Company will work together with you to determine exactly what your piano needs and help to get it sounding its best.

All prices and labour will be discussed with you before we begin doing any work on your instrument. We look forward to keeping your piano in perfect pitch for years to come!