What Are The Top Pianos In The World And Why?

If you love pianos, then you know that there are many different brands to choose from. It is likely that every musician has their own favourite brand of piano and many concert pianists refuse to play on anything but their favourite. While each brand of piano is fantastic, there are a few that stand out among the crowd. Below, you will learn more about the top five piano brands and what makes them so special.

This brand has been around since 1828 and is handcrafted in Vienna Austria. Currently, this is the oldest existing company to specialize in making pianos. One added feature that pianists can enjoy when choosing this brand is an additional option for 97 keys rather than only the normal 88. This has made this brand become a favourite among concert grands for this reason.

Steinway and Sons
With many awards under its belt, Steinway and Sons pianos are arguably the most popular piano in existence today. They were originally designed in 1853 by a German immigrant in New York City.  Boston and Essex, both popular pianos in their own right, are made to Steinway specifications, which underlines the quality and reputation of the Steinway company.

With the first Grand piano produced in the early 1900’s, the Yamaha brand has become one of the most popular and reputable brands. It was created with the hopes that pianos would become more affordable so that everyone with the desire would learn how to play. This brand offers a beautiful design as well as quality sound and long lasting beauty.

For pianists who are visiting a recording studio, this brand is often chosen over many of the others. The brand was developed in 1853 and after struggling through both World Wars, it made an amazing comeback. Many of the best musicians in the world, like The Beatles and Elton John, have been fans of this brand. These pianos can even be found in castles and mansions all around the world and are popular because of their hand painted and embellished designs that are available for an upper scale market. Some of the most beautiful designs are even found in museums.

Fazioli pianos were developed by Paolo Fazioli starting in 1978. Being a music lover, Fazioli worked closely with mathematicians, wood technologists, physicists and technicians to help create his piano. The company is still producing magnificent pianos to this day. They are very popular and are known for their ability to produce some of the largest pianos that are available in today’s piano market.

One of the best things about pianos is that there is a wide range of beautiful options to choose from. Musicians can easily choose their favourite and love it for a life time. There are also many affordable options to choose from as well, which allow even more people to fall in love with the beauty of pianos.

If you are considering purchasing a piano of your own, these five options are extremely popular and will help you make beautiful music throughout the rest of your life. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they also produce a beautiful sound that no digital machine can match.