Caring For Your Piano

There are eighty eight keys on a piano. Some of the most beautiful sounds on the planet can be made with those keys, but it is what is going on behind the scenes that are really important. Attached to those eighty eight keys are a set of strings that control the pitch and tone of every single note that is played.

It doesn’t take a lot to alter the way that a note sounds. Because of this, it is important that you actively protect your investment so that it will sound beautiful every time that it is played. To do this, it is important that you regularly maintain a tuning schedule for your piano.

When planning this schedule, it is best to consider the weather that is occurring throughout the year. For example, if you live in a place that has a variety of temperatures, you will need to have your piano tuned quarterly in order to maintain the proper sound that it was meant to have. For those who have steady temperatures throughout the year, this is still recommended, but changes may not be as drastic if the temperatures remain steady.

It is also crucial to have your piano tuned when it has been moved. Oftentimes, a piano mover that specializes in moving pianos will be able to move them and tune them for you as well. This is the best option to choose when planning to move your piano because it will help you to make sure that your piano is moved properly.

Another issue that is common with pianos is sticking keys. This can greatly hinder a musician and compromise the beauty of the music that they are playing. However, this can be avoided by choosing a Toronto piano tuner and by maintaining a regular and active tuning cycle.

If you play with others, it is crucial that you keep your piano in tune. Most often, it is the piano that is the center of the action when musicians gather together and every other instrument is typically tuned around the piano.

Because of this, the beauty of the music that is being produced can be compromised when the piano is not kept in tune. However, by selecting a professional Toronto piano tuner, you will be able to enjoy beautiful music regardless of the number of musicians who choose to join you in playing.

For students, having a properly tuned piano is extremely important when they are practicing. Not only does this allow them to hear the true beauty of the song, but it helps them to learn more about music as well. By actively keeping your piano in great repair, students will be able to learn the joy of music by fully understanding how beautiful that a piano really is.

When you are choosing your Toronto piano tuner or a piano mover to move your piano, make sure that you select The Urban Piano Company.  Because pianos are very sensitive, it is important that the person working on your piano comes with a high level of expertise.